Pin ItToday as I was cruisin' around on the internet looking at recipes and fun things to make, I stumbled upon this 'recipe.' Made me laugh. You all know that I love a good recipe for the freezer but this one is just so.... so.... so wonderful. Ha ha ha!


2 cups water (or more. or less.)

Empty any ice cubes that are left in the trays.
Take the trays over to the sink and fill them with cold water.
Place the water filled ice trays back in the freezer.
Shut the door to the freezer.

This makes me wonder if the person who posted the 'recipe' has family members who empty the ice trays and don't fill them and put them back. (and doesn't have an automatic ice maker) =D

The best part of the recipe are the comments posted below the recipe. I'll show you a few. Just because they tickle me:

"Thank you for adding the photos! They really helped me get a visual on when my Ice was done! And they turned out just like the pictures! My family was really thrilled! 
Thank you...oh Thank you!"

And how about this one:
"While I think making your ice cubes from scratch is a great thing and I honestly believe that home made ice cube just taste better I will occasionally for go the time involved to make your own. Because the ice cubes you get in the bag are often not as fresh but are very convenient when you are in a hurry.

If I am going camping or if I have guest that just show up unannounced sometimes I will open the dehydrated ice cubes in a bag that you just add water to pop the pouches in the freezer for about an hour per the instructions. Then just whacking the bad on the kitchen table magically turns the ice in the pouch into wonderfully decorative shapes for drinks."

And Oh, I do love this one:
"I harvest my own free-range water, so the idea of putting it in a plastic tray and a commercially made electricity-wasting freezer disgusts me. I prefer nature's method, waiting until the temperature outside drops below freezing."

Perhaps I am too easily entertained....or perhaps I'm too tired and it's too late. Anyway, this one is my favorite. Well, favorite is probably a stretch. Perhaps the total lack of humor tickles me. I dunno. ((shrugs))

My favoritish:
"How could anyone not know how to freeze water for ice cubes?????????? You call this a recipe???????"


  1. I don't care who you are - that's funny!

  2. I really laughed over the "free range water" comment. Thanks for sharing this...and for the giveaway over at Life With Levi!

  3. I love this recipe. I think I know some people who might not be able to make this though. Scary.

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