Well, would you look at that...

Pin ItBoy do I feel dumb. I came home from grocery shopping and brought all the groceries into the kitchen. I emptied every bag and put all of the groceries in their new homes. Having replied, "paper please" to the cute little bagger at the grocery store I now had several paper bags to fold and put away. I keep them all under the sink in a semi-tidy vertical stack...right next to the plastic organizer for aluminum foil, plastic wrap and the like.

I leaned over to put away the bags.

And there it was.

Staring at me.

Perhaps it was calling my name.

A little blue circular spot.
See it?
Right there.

I lifted the cover to see it better.

Push Tab.

What is a Push Tab?

I did not know.
But I pushed it.

Well, would you look at that.

A little tab to push in, on both ends, that effectively holds the roll of plastic wrap in the box when you open the box and pull off a sheet of plastic.

Hmm. How did I miss that?
See. I hold the box upside down and the wrap stays there. No more holding on to the roll or fighting with the box to keep it in there.



How DID I miss that?
And there it is on the end of the aluminum foil box, too.


I've used assorted brands of plastic wrap and aluminum foil for...uh...lots of years. More than 30. I've seen it in Mom's kitchen for lots of years before that.

Is this new?

Has it always been there?

Did I ever notice this?

No. Not once.

Not even once.


Boy do I feel dumb.

But. In my defense...I looked on the end of other boxes.
 Nothing on the end of the Parchment Paper box.

Nothing on the end of the Wax Paper box.

There is probably some amazing reason there are no Push Tab circles on the ends of these boxes.

But I missed the reason.



  1. I have not seen this before. I now have to go check all of my boxes!

  2. ROFL!! I realized the same thing about a year ago.
    As for the other boxes.. I'm thinking they don't get as hung up as the others so they don't need it.. LOL