Stacked Enchiladas

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A few weeks ago we made Stacked Enchiladas in 3 different sizes, using 3 different sizes of flour tortillas and 3 different sizes of Microwaveable Disposable Foil Freezer Pans and stashed them in the freezer. I promised a photo of the enchiladas when I served them for dinner. is the day! 

Layers of flat tortillas, cheese, black beans, roasted chicken, rice, tomatoes, sour cream and green enchilada sauce. Yumm!! Make any layers you like. Sometimes I include corn and/or refried beans and/or green chiles and/or red enchilada sauce and/or shredded or ground beef.

If you freeze enchiladas, be sure to used flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are made from corn meal and if you freeze enchiladas from corn tortillas, the tortillas pretty much turn to mush. They return to the corn meal they were made from.

I love enchiladas made from corn tortillas. Truthfully, I prefer them. But not if I'm freezing them. If I'm freezing them, I use flour tortillas. I've tried frying the tortillas, even frying them really crisp first...but they still get too soft and mushy.

I have, however, successfully frozen enchilada casserole using corn tortilla chips. I use the same ingredients, make the same layers...but I use tortilla chips instead of tortillas. Lovely. Delicious.

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