Canned Biscuit Waffles

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Canned Biscuit Waffles
Yes, I did say Canned Biscuit Waffles. Canned biscuits. You know...the kind that come in the cardboard tube in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. The kind that you peel the paper off the outside of the cardboard tube to open them. The kind that make that awful POP that makes me jump every single time. The kind that I won't open. The kind that I go get Sam to open them for me. Because I hate the POP.

He opens them for me.
Every single time.
Thank you, Sam.
My hero.

So, to reward Sam for being my hero and opening the scary biscuits for me, I promised to make him something yummy. You know about donuts. How about waffles? Did you know that waffles from these biscuits are really quite lovely?
Any brand of canned biscuits will do. But. I will warn you.
They all make that hideous POP when you open them.
Go get someone to open them for you.
Then put them on a hot waffle iron. Mine is round, with 4 sections. I put one on each section.

Cook them for a few minutes. I just waited for the light to tell me they were done.

Butter and syrup or any way you like your waffles.
Sam loves them.


I make up a bunch of them (he can't eat 10 of them and there are 10 of them in the can and if there is no one else home who wants waffles because they all grew up and left then what in the world would I do with multiple little canned biscuit waffles or worse canned biscuits no longer in the can) and put them in a wide mouthed mason jar and tuck it in the freezer. The waffles fit perfectly all in one tidy stack and keep quite magically and taste just as good tomorrow when he wants more or after school or before bed or in the middle of the night or whenever growing boys want waffles except I won't have to endure the POP or find someone to open the hideous can or even heat up the waffle iron.
They really are quite lovely.

You'll want/need to make some of these.
Even if you have to endure the dreadful POP.

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