Leissa and Chance's Wedding

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Last weekend we had the privilege of catering a wedding reception for Susie's daughter, Leissa, and Chance, her handsome groom. The bride chose red, white and black. We tried very hard to make everything on the dessert table red and/or white and/or black. Isn't it all just so pretty? We had so much fun preparing for this event. We dismissed Susie to be the Mother of the Bride and perform her motherly duties, and relax and enjoy the party. My lovely daughter, Erin, came to the wedding and helped pull off the event.

Gorgeous Erin, assembling the Angel Food and Strawberry Skewers. 

Isn't she pretty? 

These are Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Bites.
We found this recipe at www.zoomyummy.com 
Look under RECIPES. She has lots of cute and yummy things.
We added the cute little red hearts because of looooove. 
And because they are red. =D

We called these divine little bits of sweetness, "Hearts on Pillows."
We found these at www.zoomyummy.com , too.
She calls them Melting Moments.

Aren't they so cute?

Pretzel rods.
Dipped in caramel.
Dipped in white chocolate.
Drizzled with red candy melt.

Lots of pretzel rods.

Bowtie Cookies.
These have strawberry jam in the middle.
Recipe at www.zoomyummy.com.

Red and white and pretty.

So pretty.

Black and Whites.

Lots of Black and Whites.
They were cold.
They became much prettier when it warmed up a bit.

The cutest little mini parfaits you ever did see.

2 raspberries and a mini Oreo
White chocolate pudding
Raspberry Danish Dessert
White chocolate pudding
Oreo crumbs on the bottom.

Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Skewers.
Pre-chocolate drizzle.

Post-chocolate drizzle.

The wedding cake.
We didn't make it.

The teeny tiny spoons to go with the mini parfaits.
But they look like silver.

Mini parfaits and teeny tiny spoons.

Black licorice.


Red Vines.

Standing in a vase.

Drizzled Strawberry and Angel Food Cake goodness.

All displayed with the cake that we didn't make.

So pretty.

Black licorice wheels.
Added just the right amount of black to the table.

Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Bites.
Aren't the black and white tags so cute?
Brilliant Erin made them.
Thank you, Erin!

Hearts on Pillows.

The lovely cake that we didn't make.

Pretzel rods.
We called them Sweet and Salty.
Because they are sweet and salty.
and because Pretzel Rods Dipped in Caramel and White Chocolate is...
waaaaaay toooooo looooong.

Red Vines.

Black and Whites.


Kool Korn.
Candy coated popcorn.
Made from Kool-aid.
Kool Korn.
Clever, Susie.

Who can get enough of these cute little things.
They were the first thing we ran out of.

One little girl was running around with about 15 little spoons in her hand.
Erin stopped her, thinking that she had grabbed them from our prep table, told her,
"Sweetie, we need those."
She turned her cute little face up to Erin and with a mischievous grin said,
"This is how many I have eaten."
ha ha ha ha ha 

Erin and me.
With the goods.
Good day.

We were pretty tired when we got home.
Thank goodness I had dinner ready to eat.
From my freezer.

Chicken and Broccoli.
I'll post this fantastic recipe tomorrow.

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  1. Couldn't ask for a better crew - you girls are the best!