Dreamy Ranch Dressing Pork Chops

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There are lots of ways to cook pork chops but I'm not sure there is a more tasty way than this recipe. You can make it with any type of pork chops but I like to choose the boneless center cut. Nice and thick. These photos are of two chops but make as many as you like. Eat them all now, or make extra for later, or make a few for the freezer. They freeze really well and are just as tasty. You'll want to use them within about 30 days of freezing.
Put flour in one dish and your favorite Ranch Dressing in another. Dredge the chop in the flour. Make sure it is completely covered with flour.

Lay the flour coated chop in a dish of Ranch Dressing. Let it soak into the flour for a few seconds and then flip it over to coat the other side. You could use that bottled stuff from the store or you could make some from a packet...but...if you want the real deal, use this recipe for absolutely perfect Ranch Dressing. Mmmmmmmm.

Now put the dressing coated chop back into the flour. Coat both sides. You'll need to handle it gently so you don't rub off all the goodness.

Let the coated chops sit on a plate for a few minutes to let the dressing soak into the dressing a bit so it stays on the chops.

Heat a little butter with a little oil and add the pork chops. Cook over medium heat until they are nice and brown.

Flip them over and let them brown on the other side. This will take a few minutes on each side. If you cook them on too high heat they will brown faster and maybe even burn before they get cooked through. So stick with the medium heat and be patient. You can test them, if you like, by making a small cut in the center and taking a peek to see if they are cooked through.

You could serve these with a lovely salad with Ranch Dressing and a baked potato. They go great with so many things. Sometimes I serve them with other salads (Macaroni Salad is my favorite. Want the recipe?) but today I just did a simple version of buttered mixed vegetables. I topped the chops with BBQ sauce and a drizzle of Ranch Dressing. 

Make sure you get a little BBQ sauce and a little Ranch Dressing on every bite.

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