Helpful Hint: Measuring cups and spoons

Pin ItToday's helpful hint ... measuring cups and measuring spoons. More specifically 2 different complete sets. When cooking multiple recipes, (in order to put meals in your freezer - as in the 30 Meals in One Day concept, but it's still true for making any number of recipes) it is such a time saver to have two {2} sets of all measuring utensils. One set for dry ingredients and one set for the wet stuff. If you only have one set, how much time will you waste washing out the wet stuff and then drying them so you can measure something dry, only to have to measure something wet a few minutes later? The answer is...enough to make it truly worth while to have 2 different sets! One for wet and one for dry. If you measure something wet and there is a remnant left, and the flavors will collide with the next wet ingredient you need to measure, a quick rinse is all you need. You won't ever need to dry them since a speck of water never hurt any recipe except for maybe meringue and it's highly unlikely that anything with meringue is going to make it onto your list of recipes to make for the freezer!  Two sets will definitely help make your cooking experience go more smoothly. And the truth is, eliminating any irritating thing will help make your cooking day more pleasant. Otherwise, you start hating the process and even avoiding it. Not helpful at all.

I have a white plastic set of measuring cups and spoons for measuring anything dry and a metal set for anything wet. It is certainly not important that you have a plastic set and a metal set. Any 2 sets that are different will do. Perhaps 2 sets of plastic, a different color for each. Anything that will help you tell the difference at a glance.

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