Cooking Demo in Centerville

Pin ItThank you so much to Lisa Summers at Centerville, City Parks and Recreation Department for inviting me to teach a cooking demonstration this last Thursday, November 20. It was a ton of fun and we covered 30 Meals in One Day plus 8 recipes! Sounds like a lot, I know, but truly the class was only 2 hours long. The class was at 7 p.m. We intend to have another class early next year. I'll be sure to post it (BEFORE I teach next time!) so that, if you live anywhere near Centerville, Utah, you can come and have fun with us.

The recipes we covered were mainly holiday related, cuz...'tis the season! I covered my favorite Thanksgiving recipe (Cranberry Sauce - there is no better cranberry sauce recipe anywhere!!) and be sure to come back on Monday cuz I'll post the recipe and photos of its loveliness. I also showed my favorite after Thanksgiving recipes, as in what to do with that leftover Thanksgiving turkey... assuming there is any left! We made Turkey Dressing Pie (yum! and it tastes the best in January, long after the memory of Thanksgiving Dinner has faded), and Turkey Chowder, which is good anytime. I will be posting both recipes next week, too, so be sure to come look. You will love them cuz not only are they oh so good, but they both freeze perfectly so you can make them now and eat them later. They taste especially good on days you're too busy to cook. Oh the satisfaction of putting dinner on the table even when you haven't had any time (or desire, ha ha ha!) to cook.

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