Anybody Got Some Spare Grass?

Pin ItAt first sign of spring, my adorable grandparents would go foraging for "spare grass" on the ditch banks. When they got it home, Grandma would boil the heck out of it and present the slimey things as something wonderful. I was never fond of asparagus until my sister in law served it a family dinner. She calls it Braised Asparagus and it is indeed something wonderful.


The fleshy green spears of asparagus are both succulent and tender and have been considered a delicacy since ancient times. This highly prized vegetable arrives with the coming of spring, when its shoots break through the soil and reach their 6-8 inch harvest length. In California the first crops are picked as early as February, however, their season generally is considered to run from April through May. The growing season in the Midwest and East extends through July. Source: The World's Healthiest Foods where you can read to your heart's content the many virtues of asparagus.

Braised Asparagus

1-2 bunches asparagus
Kosher salt
ground black pepper
olive oil

Wash and trim asparagus. Place on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper. With clean hands, turn to be sure each piece is evenly coated. Bake in 350°oven  for 15 minutes. Serve with dipping sauce.

Dipping Sauce

1/2 C mayonnaise
2 T soy sauce

Whisk until mixed well.

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