Onion through a Garlic Press?

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There are many ways of using garlic; whole heads, whole cloves, sliced, chopped, minced, smashed, pressed. I usually prefer to use a garlic press since this results in uniformly pressed bits of garlic. I especially like to use a garlic press when a salad dressing recipe calls for garlic.

I also like to use the same garlic press when a recipe calls for onion. I like the tiny little bits of onion and juice much better than the minced bits that result from chopping or mincing with a knife.

Do you ever have the dilemma of desiring to make a recipe that calls for onion (and it really just isn't the same without it) and knowing that those who will eat it will turn their noses up at the sight of any visible onion? This could be your answer! Press the onion through the garlic press. Your recipe will taste amazing and none of your diners will be able to tell the onion is there. You will, of course, but why tell?

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