How to make a Graham Cracker Crust

Pin ItMaking a Graham Cracker Crust is really simple and is certainly worth the little effort required. The ready made graham cracker crusts you can buy at the store are convenient but are not nearly as delicious and are much more expensive than the ones you can make yourself. You need only 3 ingredients and about 10 minutes to make a splendid crust, worthy of that great pie or dessert recipe you want serve in it!

About 6 full graham crackers will make a 9-inch pie crust.
Put the crackers in a storage bag and zip it closed.
 Use a rolling pin and crush the crackers into fine crumbs.
Don't have a rolling pin? A can will work just fine. (like a can of beans or tomatoes, etc.)
 Just crumbs. No graham cracker chunks.
Put the crumbs in the pie plate. Add 5 tablespoons butter and 1/3 cup brown sugar.
You could use white sugar. Most recipes call for white sugar.
I prefer brown sugar. I love all things brown sugar.
There's a little extra something yummy when you make a graham cracker crust with brown sugar.
Microwave it for about 30 seconds or just until the butter is melted.
Stir in the melted butter and sugar until completely mixed.
Lovely buttery sugary crumbly.
Press the crumbs onto the bottom and up the sides of the pie dish. You could use a spoon.
Using your hands is easier.
Hold your thumb at the top of the crumbs on the side to keep them from jumping out of the dish as you use a spoon to press the crumbs against the side. This makes the top of the sides even and thick and pretty.
Bake for 10 minutes at 350 OR microwave for 2 minutes.
Fill with your favorite yummy pie or dessert.
Tomorrow I will show you a favorite peach pie recipe. Perfect with a Graham Cracker Crust.
It is a cross between peach pie and cheese cake.
Peach Cheese Pie.
Wait for it. =)

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  1. I never knew you could make your own graham cracker crust! It's definitely a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made one. Thanks!