Freezer Meals for Lani

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Lani came home from Utah State University for about 5 minutes. Really it was for the weekend but it seemed more like 5 minutes. I miss her. She shares an apartment in Logan with 3 other girls which means she shares the freezer space with 3 other girls. She wouldn't let me send very many meals home with her (because she didn't want to crowd out the other girls) but I did send enough to feed her a few meals.

This summer she works all day on a lawn crew and they work long, long hours. I'm sure the last thing she wants to do when she comes home is to cook something so I try to keep her freezer filled with good things to eat. She is vegetarian so every meal here is a vegetarian version.

Cheese Tortellini

Cheesy Potatoes

Broccoli and "Chicken" Alfredo

Eggs, Potatoes, "Bacon" and Cheese

Linguine and "Meatballs"

I put each meal in a single serving sized pan
(actually each will probably be enough for 2 meals for her)
Each pan has a tidy lid
and they are so very convenient because they are microwaveable.
Yes, you read that right.
(The lids are NOT microwaveable - just the pans)
I made more than one of each,
but I sent one of each with her to school
and put the others in my freezer for
next time she comes home for 5 minutes.

But! It is just as easy to make family sized meals (how many are you cooking for? freeze meals that size). These pans come in 9 different sizes!

I also sent single serving bowls of 
Sloppy Joes
(minus the cucumbers. frozen cucumbers = bleh. add those later)

And her favorite Egg Rolls.

Hopefully that will keep her for a little while.
Maybe if she runs out of meals in the freezer she'll come home again.
Even if for only 5 minutes.

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  1. Did you cook the meals and let them cool before freezing or did you just prepare them and pack them?
    Also, where can I find the recipes for those meals? =)