Green Chili Ranch Tacos

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Now these are some good tacos. I mean really good. Maybe even really, really good.
And this is even a freezer recipe.
Make some for today, and make some to freeze for later!

Cut up some chicken breast into bite sized pieces.

You'll need a packet of taco seasoning and a small can of diced green chiles.
(they don't have to be sideways - but this photo insists. =S )

Cook the chicken until lightly browned.

Add the taco seasoning...

...and the diced green chiles. Stir and heat them together.

Pour in some tasty Ranch Dressing.

Mix together and heat through.

You could use any taco shells.
The prepared kind that come in a box.
Or flour tortillas.
My favorite.
Fresh corn tortillas.

Heat and inch or so of oil in a skillet until the oil sizzles when you touch the edge of a tortilla to it.

Gently lay one corn tortilla in the hot oil. Wait for about 10 seconds or so.
Using tongs, gently fold the tortilla in half. Cook for another 15 seconds or so.
Turn the folded tortilla over and cook the other side for another 15 seconds or so.
Don't leave. Stay right with them. They cook pretty fast. The longer you leave them in,
the crisper the taco shell will be. 

Drain on paper towels.

Load them up with lettuce and tomato and drizzle with more Ranch Dressing.

The Green Chili Ranch Chicken Filling is a great freezer recipe.
Choose whatever containers you like and fill them up and tuck them in the freezer for another day when you want tacos. Takes just a tiny bit of time to make them hot and delicious!

You can find more freezer recipes like this one in the book,
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  1. My mouth is watering! This is what's for dinner tonight